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If you're in the mood for some seriously wicked fun, then Microgaming's Witches Wealth slot game may be exactly what you've been waiting for.  This cackle-inducing gaming title is guaranteed to put a spell on you in no time!  Witches Wealth is a five-reel slot game, with nine potential paylines.  The epic symbols you will encounter in this game are the ingredients you'll need to claim your next big win!  Dust off your spellcasting robes because this slot title promises a magical gaming experience.

Our Verdict: This is a fantastic gaming treat which offers players the option to play in either regular mode or expert mode, which allows you to set the reels to auto-spin, so you can sit back and stir your very own potion as you watch the game unfold.  Alternatively, you can play in regular mode and set up a new bet, line and coin size with each spin.  The game offers a good level of customisation to suit your personal gaming needs, which makes it easily accessible for both new players and seasoned veterans.  There's no hocus pocus with Witches Wealth, just the chance to conquer some great wins!
How to Play: To get started with Witches Wealth, you simply need to select your coin size and decide on how many active pay lines you would like to bet on.  With this game, it's so easy to win; you'll think it's magic!  Like every good witch's potion, there are a few extra-special ingredients that ensure this slot game packs a real punch.  Successfully catch some of these symbols on any of your active pay lines to claim a serious bonus treat. 

Wild Symbol: In this title, the wild symbol is aptly represented by the Wild Witch.  Keep an eye out for this crone as she has the potential to help you win big.  The Wild Witch has the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game, with the exception of Mr. Twinkles.  In Witches Wealth, the special Wild Witch has the ability to appear in a puff of smoke at any time to ensure your dreams of winning come true.

Scatter Symbol: In Witches of Wealth, the scatter symbol is represented by the Scatter Bat.  This flying wonder will not suck your blood.  Instead, the Scatter Bat can give your balance a healthy boost.  This symbol will complete a winning scatter combination when you find three or more of these on an active payline.

Bonus Games: Black cats have always gotten a bad name.  However, this witch's familiar will help you unlock a coveted bonus game.  Look out for Mr. Twinkles as he can help unlock not one, but two bonus games.  If you land three of more Mr. Twinkles on one payline, you'll activate the Spinning Wand bonus game which gives you the opportunity to win up to 1600 coins.  The Flying Bonus game will be triggered when you land five of the Mr. Twinkle symbols.  Here is where the real money lies as you can win a spellbinding 16200 coins!