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With stunning graphics and a special no reel or payline set up, Well of Wonders is the new game from Thunderkick that will have all players talking! Be transported into the heart of this magical forest where not only the well resides, but also a whole host of other magical creatures such as fairies who will help you on your quest for cash treasures. Get ready to toss your coins into this well and make a wish for big cash prizes!

Our Verdict: Are you tired of the standard slot game formula and are looking for something a little more unique, interesting and exciting to play? Then look no further than the incredible Thunderkick Games slot Well of Wonders! This fun game does not contain a single reel, and you will have to put your faith in the magical well for those big cash wins. Although this game only contains one bonus feature, there is a still a wild and stunning graphics to keep you entertained for hours on end. Try it out today for as little as 10p, or if you think you are on to a winner, you can wager up to £100!

How to Play: As there are no reels or paylines in this game, it may seem confusing at first to play. However, the premise is still the same in that players will want to get 3 or more matching symbols. After players have made a win and received a payout, the stones that formed this winning combo will then be replaced new more stones from the wondrous well. What's fantastic about this game is that each time you win you will receive a 2x multiplier and you can keep track of this multiplier with the stone located below the well. Players who are breaking their winning streak will have the multiplier reset back to zero.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol is always the highlight of any slot game, and with Well of Wonders this is no different. Although you won't find the traditional payline structure, it does retain a few key favourites from your standard slot game structure with the wild being the main one. This wild symbol, just like other slots, will replace all other symbols on your reels and form more winning combinations for bigger wins. The wild symbol players should keep their eyes peeled for in this game is the grey stone featuring a glowing W carved into it.

Fairy Bonus Feature: There is no need to fret when playing Well of Wonders that you won't be taking home any wins as the thrilling Fairy Feature will be activated each time you make a wager, and it does not result in a winning combination! During this feature, the fluttering fairies that are lingering around your symbols will transport single stones away to then replace them with more, new, stones from the magical well which will award players more wins! The fairy feature has one other function, and that is to increase your multiplier by 1 when this feature is triggered.