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Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

You don't need to be a pro at playing blackjack, or any other kind of casino games for that matter, to know that Las Vegas is the home of casinos and gambling! Vegas attracts millions of tourists each year who go to party, eat, drink and, of course, gamble. There is no other game of blackjack that is more American than the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Series and if you want to get that full American experience, then get playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold today.

Our Verdict: The Vegas Downtown Gold Series is a fantastic game from Microgaming which provides you with a thrilling game of blackjack, almost as though you really were in Vegas! But how does this game differ from other blackjack games on the market? Well, you can look forward to even higher-quality graphics than you are previously used to, plus lots of exciting premium features! What's more, this game also features an auto re-bet function, which means less time clicking and more time making those big cash wins. Get those cards out and start betting today on their beautiful plush green table.

How to Play: If you have already played other variations of blackjack then you won't find it too hard to get to grips with Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold. As this is a hole card game, there will be one dealer card set face down as you will need to decide whether to stand or hit. This game has a unique twist to it, however, in that while normally the dealer will have to stand on all 17's whether they be hard or soft, in Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold the dealer will have to draw on a soft 17, which is a combo of card that features an Ace!

Split or Double: Players who receive two cards of the same value will have the option to split their card ad this can be done up to two times which will give you 4 hands. It is slightly different with an Ace, however, as this can only be split once. With any of the first two cards, or after you make a split, players have the option to double down which simply means that you place a wager that your next hand will beat out the dealer's if you're feeling confident.

Betting and Payouts: If you are looking to line your pockets with lots of cash, then there really is no better game to play than Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold. This game will suit a whole array of players as you can choose the size of the chip that you want to bet. Players can get started playing this exciting game from as little as 50p per bet, all the way up to a maximum of £200 per bet if you really are feeling lucky in Vegas that day! This game also has a very high RTP at 95%, so you won't have to bet long before you start reaping the rewards from this game!