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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to become a mad scientist, then you should definitely check out the new Spin Lab slot game.  Here, you will be given your very own workstation to create exciting winning combinations.  We're sure that the only formula you will be conjuring up is a winning one!  Get ready to unleash your inner chemist as you spin the reels and look to dissect this epic slot game.  You never know, you may just unearth the secret formula for creating a wonderful big win.  We all know that success and science go hand in hand, so we're sure you will agree that this is the perfect idea for a slot game!

Our Verdict: As soon as you enter the Spin Lab, you will be able to delve right into testing out different chemicals together to create something truly special.  In this slot game, there's a tonne of special combinations to land, which promise seriously big wins!  NextGen is the masterminds behind this incredible new slot game.  When it comes to this game, you are the mastermind to unlocking the winning formula in the Spin Lab.  We're sure you will love the thrilling gameplay and enjoy the buzz of combining the different elements to create something truly unique.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol in this exciting slot game is the key to creating some spectacular chemical reactions and has the added ability of being able to replace all other symbols in the game, except the scatter symbol.  Landing a wild symbol will automatically increase your chances of claiming a big win by providing a more lucrative combination in the Spin Lab.  The wild symbol in this sci-fi slot game is a special multicoloured icon, which will be instantly recognisable.

Scatter Symbol: The reels of this game are chock full of science-related symbols, from atoms to molecules and even strands of DNA.  All of the symbols on the reels serve a particular purpose, and some are more important than others.  You will definitely want to look out for the highly charged scatter symbol, which can seriously boost your chances of creating a stellar winning combination.  The scatter symbol will automatically trigger a bonus payout from any position in the game, and it will likely be a larger payout than you are used to.  Some lucky players can end up winning a whopping 625x their original bet!

Bonus Feature:  One of the main reasons Spin lab has become so popular is due to its unique and exciting bonus feature.  This has made it a hotspot for any wannabe scientist!  To trigger this feature, you will need to land three or more scatter symbols.  Once you have found your three scatters, you will need to combine different elements to create your own bonus feature.  There are three rows of bonuses, and you will need to choose one element from each row.  There's a tonne of different features you can include in your hand-made bonus package, such as extra spins, wild multipliers, stacked wilds, increased wilds and more!