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Bingo is one of the UK's favourite past time hobbies, and now more and more people are checking it out online! Straight from the comfort of your own home, players can enjoy all of the same fun playing bingo but with cool graphics and the opportunity to bring home big cash prizes. Super Bonus Bingo is a fun take on the classic game of bingo and, as the name suggests, it even has an extra fun bonus feature in it that keeps things fresh and exciting. Developed by Microgaming, players can expect smooth game play and lots of bingo fun!

Our Verdict: Super Bonus Bingo is easy to play, so even if you are completely new to playing bingo, you should be able to pick it up very easily. This is a refreshing change from your standard slot games, so if you are looking for something a little bit different, then this is the game for you. Get ready to shout out bingo and give Super Bonus Bingo a try today from as little as 5p all the way up to £40.

Design: The design of Super Bonus Bingo is great and nothing less than what you would expect from a software developer such as Microgaming. This game has a royal blue and orange theme to it, and along the top of your screen, you will find a paytable. The numbers to choose from are located in the middle while the numbers are drawn along the bottom of your screen.

How to Play: To start off playing Super Bonus Bingo, players must decide how many balls they want to pick. You can choose anywhere between two and ten bingo balls. On the paytable, you can see the potential payout for each option. Then, all you need to do is hit the big green PLAY button which is in the bottom right hand corner and then twenty random balls will be picked from the hopper. These will be marked off on the numbers above, and matching numbers will be marked in gold.

How to Win: The aim of the game in Super Bonus Bingo is easy, and players will simply be trying to match the required number from their selection, and this will award them a big cash win! If you are a player lucky enough to pick and match all ten balls, you will be awarded a whopping 10000x you bet!

Bonus Feature: This bonus feature is where Super Bonus Bingo takes its name from! On the pay table, players should be able to see that a few of the results are displayed in white. If you are lucky enough to get a win that happens to be one of these results, then you will have the chance to try this cool extra feature! In this Super Bonus Bingo feature, players will have to place an extra bet which is equal to your stake. Another 2 balls will then be drawn, and you will hopefully make more matches and take home bigger wins!