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The latest slot by Thunderkick, Sunset Delight, is a slot game that is going to have your mouth watering as it is a slot game which is going to serve you up some yummy desserts.  Sunset Delight is a small and simple slot game it has three reels and three rows and it has just five fixed paylines. The slot is an ice cream themed slot game and the symbols on the reels are all flavours of your favourite ice cream including chocolate, orange and an unknown flavour which is a stripy red flavoured scoop.  So, if you have a sweet taste for jackpots you’re going to love this one.

Our Verdict: Sunset Delight is a really smart and interesting looking slot game.  The game itself is set against a backdrop of some sort of seaside town with a pier and carnival in the distance.  The slot does not have any standard reels, instead of on Sunset Delight you have three ice cream cones beneath where the symbols land and the symbols (scoops of ice cream) land on top of each other which looks great graphically.  On Sunset Delight you also have a really fun little bonus feature, which is a free spins bonus, which is going to provide you with a great chance of winning a big prize.

How to Play:  Sunset Delight is a three-reel slot game, it has three rows and just five fixed paylines.  Before you start to spin you will only have to select the stake per spin as the paylines are fixed and active for all spins.  Players can choose to bet between a minimum of 10p and a maximum of £100.  Once selected you hit the “Spin” button and begin.  If you land a combination of three matching symbols you will win a cash amount, however, the amount you win will depend on the stake per spin and the value of the symbol in the combination.

Wild Symbol: On Sunset Delight you only have one special symbol and that is the wild symbol – the symbol with the multi-coloured ice cream scoop with the letter “w” over it.  This ice cream scoop wild is special as it has the ability to substitute for all symbols on the reels to create winning combinations.  Although, a special symbol the wild symbol can also behave like a standard symbol and create its own winning combination when three or more land in a single spin.

Free Spins: On Sunset Delight there is only one bonus feature and that feature is a free spins bonus.  To trigger this feature, you need to land the scatter wafer symbol on the top of each reel, completing your ice cream.  You will be awarded five free spins for triggering the feature and for the feature on the reels you will the ice cream scoop symbols remain in place and instead new scoops added to the top of the ice cream. If you land a wafer you will receive a further free spin, and it will also top up the multiplier meter on the right-hand side.