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Ragnarok: Fall of Odin

Ragnarok was a mythological battle between the Norse Gods, and this battle forms the subject matter for Genesis Gaming's slot game Ragnarok: Fall of Odin.  You will join Odin, Thor, and Loki, as well many other mythological characters on this slot game as you take part in a battle for slot supremacy, where there won't be bloodshed, but instead, hopefully, some jackpots formed.

Our Verdict:  Ragnarok: Fall of Odin is one of those slots that every slot player will enjoy, but each for a different reason.  Firstly, on Ragnarok, you have a multi-layered bonus feature, which can be extremely rewarding.  As well as this great bonus feature Ragnarok also looks great even with its simple misty backdrop.  There is also a very atmospheric sound track which accompanies each spin adding a layer of drama to each spin, which is a nice touch.

Wild Symbol: On Ragnarok: Fall of Odin there is two special symbols, each equally important to creating payouts.  The first special symbol is the Yggdrasil (Tree of Life) scatter symbol which is the trigger for the bonus feature.  You then have the wild symbol, which is the golden symbol object on it.  This wild symbol is special as it will substitute for most symbols on the reels to create winning combinations. 

Thor vs. Jor:  Thor vs. Jor is level one of the bonus feature, and this feature is for when you have less than fifteen runes collected; which you will collect at random during base game spin and will determine the level of the bonus feature you play.  To trigger this feature, you must land three, four or five of the bonus tree of life scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. You will now receive ten free spins, and all wins will be doubled thanks to a 2x multiplier which is applied to all wins.

Freya vs. Surtr:  Freya vs. Surtr is level two of the bonus feature, and this is when you have collected more than 15 runes, but less than 30.  This feature is triggered in the same way as level one by landing three or more of the scatter tree of life symbols.  You will now get to chose between the Thor feature and Freyr feature.  In the Thor feature you will be given fifteen free spins with a 3x multiplier, and in the Freyr feature you will pick three of five targets, and each will reveal a prize with a 5x multiplier.

Odin vs. Fenrir: Odin vs. Fenrir is level three of the bonus feature for when you have collected more than 30 runes.  This level is triggered in the same way as the above two and in this level you will pick between three features, Thor feature, Freyr Feature and Odin Feature.  Thor feature will award eight free spins, 3x multiplier and up to fifteen wilds added to the reels.  The Freyr feature you select three picks to reveal prizes with between a 5x and 10x multiplier applied to the win.  Finally, the Odin Feature awards eight free spins with more rune symbols added to the reels.