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How many rounds do you think you could go with the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson? Well, now you have the opportunity to find out as this world champion sportsman has teamed with NYX and Inspired Gaming to bring you, Mike Tyson Roulette! This game features everything that you know and love about the classic roulette game, but with an added twist as Tyson puts his stamp on with cool graphics and an awesome bonus feature. This game does not disappoint, so make sure you don't miss and give it a try today!

Our Verdict: Do you love playing roulette but are looking to spice up the classic game? Then the Mike Tyson Roulette game is perfect! This game has everything you could want – great graphics, an interesting bonus feature and the chance to take home a massive cash win. Get in the ring with this roulette game today!

Design: This roulette game as a similar design to other online roulette games and players can enjoy crisp graphics as they are presented with the red and black board to place their bets on. Plus, you can also enjoy Tyson's face appearing on the board as this will trigger the Knockout Bonus feature later in the game!

How to Play: For those of you who are already familiar with the rules of online roulette, this game will be a walk in the park for you! This game plays similarly to the classic version, and all you need to do is decide where on the wheel you are going to place your bet. After you do this, all you can do is hope that you are lucky and the ball lands where you have wagered to be awarded a massive cash prize. How much cash you receive all depends on what the betting options are.

Betting Options: When you play games of roulette, there are many different types of bets that you can place. It all depends on how much risk you are will to take! Just a few bets you can place are dozen, split, straight and column. However, most beginners tend to go with black/red or odd/even as it has great odds. What many players will really appreciate about this roulette game is that you can also enjoy other types of bets such as lucky dips, neighbour bets and scatter bets.

Knockout Bonus: So, are you wondering what makes the Mike Tyson Roulette game fun, unique and interesting? Well, the answer is here in the exciting Knockout Bonus round! Players will get to place an extra bet when the ball lands on Tyson's face on the wheel. You'll then find yourself in another screen and four punch bags in front of you. These punch bags are each worth varying amounts, and you will have to punch them to release the prizes! You can then either choose to take the prizes and end the round or carry on to try and win £500.