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A good retro-casino slot game is hard to come by nowadays where lots of modern slots have lots of features going on that may give the players lots of excitement but can also be confusing.  Mega Money Multiplier was released recently and has stripped out all the confusion from what you see from modern slots and went back to basics to make this simple but fun and rewarding at the same time.  With the lucky seven and bar symbols back on the agenda accompanied with some wild symbols and multipliers connected to them, this retro game can definitely give you something to get excited about.

Verdict:  If you prefer slot games with lots of features and scatter bonuses then this one may not be to your liking.  Mega Money Multiplier is a 3 reel slot game with 9 win lines and recently released by Microgaming.  Gone are all the buzz from different features and back to the way the slots were designed many years ago.  There is a bit of a twist though with this slot game, and it is the wild multiplier.  Here you can have your win multiplied significantly with different multiplier wild symbols.  Players can have a go from as little as 10p a spin or up to £150.

Design: Although this is branded as a simple 3 reel slot game, there is still a lot of effort and investment put into the graphics.  This is fully expected from a credible company such as Microgaming where they are already well-known in this industry for providing high quality slot games played globally.  The symbols are different bars and lucky sevens but also the inclusion of the wild (and multiplier).  When playing the game, you will be accompanied by the awesome slot sounds that make this as much as a realistic experience for players as possible.

Wild Symbol: Most slot games that you can play online will have a wild symbol of some sort however it is uncommon for you to see a wild symbol with a multiplier connected to them.  Here at Mega Jackpot Multiplier, you can pull a wild symbol that has a number plastered on it – this signifies how much they will multiply your win by on just one spin.  If a gold x5 is spun, then this is the highest multiplier that can only be spun in the middle reel.  Other multipliers that can be spin on any reel include a blue x2, green x3, bronze x4 and gold x5.

Mobile Compatibility: Whether you want to play this game on your computer or your mobile device, Microgaming has ensured that this slot game is compatible with these methods.  Even on your mobile device, the graphics and sounds still come out perfectly and are not compromised in the slightest.