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The team at Microgaming are back with yet another intriguing video poker title for online casino players to enjoy!

For players unfamiliar with video poker, Louisiana Double is actually a variation of the incredibly popular Jacks or Better Poker game.  To help spice up your gameplay, you'll have access to a special Double Card, which is bound to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.  If you're a little worried about getting started with Louisiana Double, just remember that this game is similar to almost all traditional kinds of Poker.  If you like the sound of this new Poker title, check out our detailed review below.    

Our Verdict: For any Poker newbies, you'll be happy to hear that there isn't anything overly complex when it comes to the Louisiana Double gaming interface.  Your gameplay is controlled by standard Poker buttons, so there's no need to worry about getting a little confused whilst playing.  The only real difference between Louisiana Double and other games is that this game is played with a 53-card deck.  This is made up of a standard 52-card deck with a card called Double.  If you're a fan of classic Poker gameplay, this title could be just what you've been looking for to help reignite your love of video Poker!   

How to Play: We all know that Poker is still one of the most popular casino classics both online and offline.  With numerous variations, it's important for players to understand how to play Louisiana Double.  Modelled after the Jacks or Better format, this special Poker title also offers an awesome soundtrack and endearing graphics.  To get started, you'll first have to decide how much you would like to bet.  In Louisiana Double, the betting range starts at just 25p and rises to a maximum bet of £25.  This is great news for players with a limited betting budget, as you'll still be able to enjoy a slice of the Poker action relatively cheaply. 

Wild Symbol: In Louisiana Double, it's important for players to understand that the special Double Card does not act as a wild.  Instead, this card has the potential to double your potential winnings when it is present in a winning Poker hand.  This means that this card will only work in hands of four cards or less.     

Winning Combinations: In this Microgaming video Poker title, the lowest winning combination is two Jacks.  The highest winning combination is a Royal Flush.  If you're looking for a big money win, you'll definitely want to land a Royal Flush, as this offers a spectacular payout.

Payouts: The lowest payout in Louisiana Double is x1 your original bet for a pair of jacks at the lowest bet level.  Alternatively, the maximum wager for a Royal Flush will offer a staggering 2,500 coin jackpot. 

Double Feature: This game also offers a handy double reward feature that will trigger when you get a winning combination.  Once active, you'll be given five cards and only the first card will be face up.  If the card you pick from the remaining four cards has a higher value than the first, your bet will be doubled.