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If you are looking for a bright and colourful poker game, then look no further as Jacks or Better Poker is waiting for you to play. There are many different games of poker online all from different developers. However, this particular poker game from Microgaming is a cut above the rest with its awesome graphics and high payouts putting it well ahead of its competition. Jacks or Better Poker is available to play straight from your mobile device, so no matter where you are you can get playing this exciting game anytime, anywhere! You won't find a better mobile poker game anywhere else.

Our Verdict: Jacks and Poker is one of the better games that we have come across online and if you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of this thrilling game then this could definitely be a great option for you, or even if you are simply just a fan of this type of poker game you'll enjoy it too. With this game, however, Microgaming is not taking its players for a fool, and there are no instructions given to guide you through this game. While this may appear to be problematic for some players, we would recommend simply reading up on the rules before you start playing and wagering your hard-earned cash.

Design: As soon as you open up Microgaming's Jacks or Better, you will instantly be blown away by the modern and high-quality graphics present on your screen. Poker can sometimes be viewed as an older game, but this version put a modern twist on this classic game making it far more appealing to a wider range of casino players. This game also looks fantastic on both Android and iOS devices, so no matter what you are playing from, everyone will enjoy playing this game.

How to Play: Jacks or Better Poker is a full pay 9-6 machine, and players will have to try and achieve the top hand, also known as the Royal Flush, in this game if they want to win the big jackpot prize. There is a whopping £20,000 cash up for grabs in this game, which also has a house edge of 1% and if that doesn't convince you to give it a go then we don't know what will! Remember, you'll also need to play the maximum 5 coin bet if you want to take home the maximum prize.

Betting and Payouts: Poker can be a daunting game to test out and play if you have never tried it out before, however, what's great about Jacks or Better Poker from Microgaming is that everyone is welcome to play and you won't have to break the bank to do so. Get started with a minimum bet from as little as 25p, or if you are feeling lucky, make the maximum bet that you can of £25. The payout ranges depending on how many coins you have placed, but typically it will be set at around 96% to 97%, which means you are sure to be in for lots of wins!