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In the latest slot release from Skillzz Gaming, players can enjoy a wonderful gaming adventure where you can travel to the ends of the world on a gorgeous tropical Hawaiian beach to claim some fruity lucrative rewards. 

Fruit Blast is the perfect game for you if you are looking for a similar game fix to Candy Crush.  This brilliant fruity game has certainly grabbed the interest of slot fans and promises some seriously thrilling gameplay!  If you're currently on the hunt for a fun, new slot game, this could be the perfect game for you!  Check out our detailed review of the game below.       

Our Verdict: Fruit Blast certainly excels in the design department.  The resolution of this game is fantastic and definitely creates a fun, Hawaiian feeling.  You will find your ‘reels' in the middle of the game screen, and your collection of fruit can be found on your left.  On the right of the game screen is where you will find all your different gaming options, and in the top right screen is your game level.  You are playing against the skilled bartender who is serving you fruity concoctions as you collect the different fruits needed to make his favourite drink.  Across the game screen, you will see fun themed items including a palm tree, umbrellas, balls and special Hawaiian leis.  

How to Play: Unlike standard slot games, this game runs slightly differently.  Instead of the classic 5-rel structure, you are presented with a 5x5 grid where you need to click on the winning combinations of fruit symbols.  You will likely come across five normal fruit symbols, as well as a special Jackpot symbol and Bonus symbols.  The main goal is to collect as many fruits as possible.  Once you have amassed a whole fruit, the bartender can make you a smoothie.  As you unlock more game levels, you will be given more options when it comes to your gameplay.  You can set your bet from as little as 60p, or a maximum of £100 per game round.

Bonus Features: The main bonus features in this game are the new gaming level that you unlock and the new Bartenders with it.  As you unlock each new gaming level, you will have the option to pick a new Bartender.  This ensures your gameplay remains interactive and fun at all times!  Check out all of the exciting bonus features you can unlock in the different Fruit Blast levels:
Level 1 – no bonus features
Level 2 – Hawaiian Shake provides an instant win of up to 8x
Level 5 – enjoy five free games, each of which offers a guaranteed win
Level 9 – immersive picking game that offers some great cash prizes
Level 12 – picking game to win cash prizes
Level 15 – your fruit meter is automatically filled
Level 19 – handy 10x multiplier and one free game
Level 22 – players are given a cash prize that can be doubled
Level 25 – fun-filled picking game with cash prizes and multipliers