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The popular game of French Roulette is one of the oldest surviving casino games in the world. 

This game was first played hundreds of years ago and has definitely undergone a huge number of changes in the years since.  This casino classic has been given a brilliant gaming upgrade thanks to popular developer Microgaming.  This exciting French Roulette version of the game offers up some brilliant, realistic gameplay that takes place on your very own virtual casino table.  This is one of the simplest casino classics to start playing, so there's no need to pause for thought.  Simply fire up this game and start spinning!

Our Verdict: This realistic version of a casino classic is truly impressive. Microgaming has definitely created a winner with this latest Roulette title.  The game looks fantastic, and it won't be long till you're fully immersed in the game in no time at all.  There's even an exciting casino soundtrack to keep you amused while you spin the Roulette wheel.  This is by far one of the simplest casino classics to start playing, so whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, you'll easily be able to start playing.

How to Play: As soon as this Microgaming title loads, you'll quickly notice the French aspects of the game.  All of the different terms and calls on the paytable are written in French, so you may need to crack out the old French dictionary and brush up on your languages.  In reality, these terms are pretty easy to understand, and there's a tonne of visual clues to pay attention to whilst you are playing.  When you're ready to start playing, simply select your preferred chip size and then spin the wheel.  You're bound to be surprised by just how quickly you can start playing French Roulette!

Betting: When it comes to placing a bet on French Roulette, it's really all about using the chips.  Roulette chips come in all different sizes, which you can combine to create your ideal bet.  Chips for this game range from 5p upwards and there are plenty of different bets you can make. Each Roulette player will have a different idea of how they want to play the game and the type of bet they want to place.  One of the best things about playing French Roulette is the huge range of betting options on offer.  Players can choose to place either an inside bet or an outside bet.

Payouts: In this French Roulette game, the payouts are similar to the standard payouts you will find on any other Roulette game.  It's important for you to remember that the more bets and numbers you choose to cover, the less money you'll receive if you win.  This means that if you're looking for a bigger payout, you'll need to stick to inside bets that offer a higher potential payout.  Just remember, this betting strategy comes with much higher risks, so if you are a newbie you may want to stick to safer outside bets.