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European Roulette Gold

Players looking for a new and highly interactive game of roulette will be impressed with the brand new version brought to use by Microgaming.  European Roulette Gold is part of Microgaming's special Gold Series.  Microgaming has created a fantastic life-like version of the game with high-quality visuals and an easy-to-navigate interface.  Get ready to pull up a stool at this fantastic virtual table, make your bets and start spinning in this fantastic timeless casino game.  The classic Roulette game is notorious for providing players with big cash wins, with many lucky casino-goers winning fortunes on the game.  This thrilling casino experience is replicated in this new online version of a classic casino table game.
Our Verdict: This latest Roulette installment from Microgaming offers a smooth and crisp gaming experience.  The stellar graphics you will encounter, with the life-like plastic ball and Roulette wheel, alongside the voice of the gambling assistant all help to create a fantastic visual and sensory gaming experience.  This immersive experience definitely creates a new gaming option for roulette-lovers. 

How to Play:  Some players may find Roulette somewhat daunting to play at first, but after a few practice rounds, you're sure to get the hang of it and love spinning the all-important Roulette wheel!  On a standard Roulette table, there are 37 numbered slots, split into red and black.  Players are tasked with predicting where the lucky white ball will land when the wheel stops spinning.  Placing a bet is simple in this version, thanks to the colourful chips at the side of the game screen.  Much like you would in an actual casino, you need to pick up the chips and place them on the pay table. 

Betting Options: Players can bet with a number of different betting options in this Roulette game.  In this version of Roulette, players can make a single bet on a specific number.  This type of bet offers the highest reward, but also carries the highest risk.  You can place a red or black bet, where every number other than 0 is classed as either a red or black.  Range bets allow you to guess in which range – low, medium, or high – the ball will land in.  Odd or even bets are fairly self-explanatory, and pairs or quad bets allow you to put your chips on the borders between numbers to select either set of two or four different values.

Payouts and Betting: The payouts you can receive on this Microgaming version of Roulette are diverse and are dependent on the bet you decide to make.  The most common betting options are colour based, with players choosing between red or black.  Similarly, placing an odd or even bet is common and will give you odds of 2:1 to win.  In this Roulette version, you can choose your bet per spin from a minimum of £1.00 to a maximum of £160. 

Additional Features:  This version has a great auto-play feature that you can customise for your specific playing requirements.