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Everyone knows of the myth and legend that is Dracula. The tales of this terrifying, blood sucking vampire have cropped up again and again throughout history whether it be a scary story at Halloween or a film all about this famous vampire. Vampires have definitely had a resurgence in popularity in recent years with films such as Twilight, so it should come as no surprise that Dracula has made a reappearance in the slot game of the same name by NetEnt. With free spins and exciting bonus features, can you suck this slot game dry of all its cash? There is only one way to find out!

Our Verdict: You may think of Dracula as spreading his undead curse onto others, but in this slot game he won’t hinder your chances of big wins, but he’ll actually help them as you spin your way across the game’s 5 reels and 40 paylines. As this is a NetEnt slot game, players won’t be disappointed by the stunning visuals and graphics that will draw you right into Dracula’s undead world. This is a game for players of all budgets to enjoy and you can get started spinning from as little as 20p all the way up to £200.00.

Wild Symbol: Just like many other slot games, the wild symbol in this game will replace all other symbols, bar none, to create lots of big winning combinations. Everyone love a wild symbol for this reason and in the slot game Dracula the wild symbol is the letter W covered in red blood, so you won’t miss this when it pops up on your reels. There is only one symbol on your reels that it will not replace and that is the bonus symbol. Dracula himself will also appear on your reels on your reels too as a stacked symbol which can only mean one thing – lots of big wins!

Free Spins: Who doesn’t enjoy a free spins round? In Dracula, players can bag themselves lots of free spins as Dracula looms over them at the top of the reels. Dracula’s spouse will also appear on your reels and when both symbols stack up together you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins! As you play on this feature both Dracula and his spouse will then become one symbol which means there will be less symbols featuring on your reels. If this happens, you’ll win another 2 spins and the amount of cash you can win is never ending!

Bat Feature: Whenever we think of vampires, bats also come to mind and this slot game utilises this scary creature to give you lots of massive wins in the thrilling Bat Feature! As you complete a spin, you will notice that Dracula himself transforms into a bat and he will then fly across your paylines collecting symbols and turning them into cluster of symbols. What does this mean for you as the player? Well, this means that each time you spin there will be a cluster of the same symbol and that can lead to some massive cash wins!