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Microgaming's Double Bonus Poker title is a great option for anyone looking to start playing Poker online. While some video Poker is naturally more sophisticated than others, this game definitely falls into the simple and easy-to-follow gaming category.  This makes it an ideal gaming option for any newbie Poker players.  Rather than focusing on aesthetics, Microgaming has instead made a simple but effective video Poker game that has proved extremely popular amongst players.  Find out what we thought of the Double Bonus Poker game below.

Our Verdict: When the interface for this game loads, you will be met with a very familiar Poker screen, which displays the paytable above the five important cards that will act as your virtual Poker hand.  If you're unfamiliar with video Poker, this is a take on the classic version of draw Poker.  Basically, this means you are given the opportunity to replace the cards you are first dealt if you think you can make a stronger hand.  With some fresh, crisp graphics and a number of different gamble modes on offer, this simple Poker title really delivers.    

How to Play: The first thing you need to do with Double Bonus Poker is to select your preferred betting level.  This is easily done using the + and – buttons below the cards.  You can then click on the column you fancy on the paytable.  Next up, you'll be able to press the draw button.  From there, your initial five cards will then be dealt.  After your first deal, you have the opportunity to ‘hold' and keep the cards you are happy with and then discard the rest. These discarded cards will then be replaced.  You only have one ‘draw' per game, and the game will automatically hold any cards if it thinks they will be useful for you.   

Payouts: When it comes to playing Poker online, it's always worth taking the time to check out the paytable above your cards.  The paytable will show all of the various payouts available for the five different coin levels.  Depending on how big – or small -  your betting budget is, there's definitely an option to suit your needs with the Double Bonus Poker game.  There's definitely a built-in incentive to go for the maximum 5-coin bet level, as this is where the huge payouts are offered.  In fact, the prize for landing a Royal Flush is a staggering 4000x your stake!  If you can afford it, you should definitely go for it!

Double or Nothing Feature: If you're lucky enough to be dealt a winning hand, you will then be given the opportunity to increase your wins.  This special gamble feature gives you the opportunity to double your winnings.  With this game, the initial card will be dealt for the dealer face-up.  The next four will be dealt face-down.  If you select a face-down card that has a higher rank than the dealer's card, your win will automatically be doubled!  If you win, you are then given the opportunity to gamble again.