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Classic Blackjack Gold

If you're on the lookout for a brand new virtual version of your favourite casino table game, look no further than Microgaming's fantastic Classic Blackjack Gold.  This latest release promises some world-class graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and amazing sound effects, which help to create an outstanding and unforgettable gaming experience.  Any Blackjack fan is sure to love the new sleek look of this Microgaming classic!

Our Verdict: This latest Microgaming slot title boasts a complete graphics overhaul, which leaves players with an entirely new and far more realistic gaming experience, with an amazing felt green table with sleek polished edges.  This new version provides players with a chance to play in a virtual version of a classic Las Vegas land-based casino.  The fantastically rendered betting chips showcase the real eye for detail the developers have maintained, and this new version is definitely a great option for budding Blackjack players with some additional features that are sure to attract experienced players.

How to Play: Players who choose to take this latest Microgaming title for a whirl will find it easy and straightforward to play.  This title is played with a single, standard card deck and requires players to firstly establish their bet before playing can commence.  The betting chips in this Blackjack title start at just £1 and rise in increments to the maximum bet of £200.  The main aim of this classic table game is to create a hand that comes as close to 21 as possible, without going over and going bust.  Beating the dealer or landing a blackjack will provide a great cash win. 

Betting Options: In this Microgaming version, players have the opportunity to split once every game.  Creating a split is only possible when you are dealt cards of the same denomination.  If you choose to use the split betting function, your bet on the second hand will be the same as your initial bet.  While it is impossible for you to make a blackjack with a split hand, you can still beat the dealer.  If you choose to split, you will not be able to use the double down option.  You are able to double down on your first hand if you are dealt a value of 9, 10, or 11.
Payouts and Betting: In this Microgaming title, if it is revealed that the dealer has blackjack, the bet payout is 2:1.  In a regular game, if you manage to hold a blackjack, you'll receive a 3:2 payout.  A standard win where you beat the dealer will provide a 1:1 payout.

Additional Features: This Blackjack title gives players the opportunity to place an insurance bet which is equal to half your initial betting amount. In this Microgaming addition, you have the opportunity to play up to five hands at once.  Just remember that when you place bets on each of the five spaces available, your bets will soon add up!  The ability to stake £1,000 per game will definitely be a draw for high rollers.