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Boss the Slot (Red Card)

Boss the Slot by Gamevy is one of a series of new high-octane instant games by the brand. Although the official name for this instant game is Boss the Slot, you'll hear us refer to its informal name ‘Red Card' throughout. When we begin taking you through the features, you'll understand why. Red Card is a football theme slot, where your task is to uncover trophies to boost your payout. Beware, though; there are a few red cards amongst the bunch which are just waiting to sabotage your run of form!

Our Verdict: Those who have had a go on Boss the Lotto will be familiar with the premise of this game. We like them both because they're different. These games also know how to keep you on your toes. The aim is to uncover as many trophies as possible. Doing so will continually boost your payout. All the while, you must be wary of the red cards. Just as they do on the football field, seeing a red card means that it's game over for you. In a cruel twist, uncovering a red also means that you'll lose all the cash that you've racked up over the course of the game!

Odds: Each round of Boss the Slot has 49 balls on the pitch. Of these 49 balls, 43 will transform into a trophy. Uncovering a trophy is a good sign as it means you're about to boost your payout value. However, beneath the other six lie a more sinister symbol; the red card. Although there are far more trophies on the pitch than red cards, their presence always haunts your choice. As you continue to uncover trophies, the odds that you'll uncover a red card become higher. Making your way through the game towards the jackpot definitely requires nerves of steel. The RTP is 91%.

Placing a Bet: Placing a bet on the Red Card game has just one step, so it's far simpler than most of the games that you'll come across. As you open up the slot, the first screen that will appear will be the betting portal. You'll have the option to bet between £1 or £100. So, in addition to all of its other features, this game also has quite a large betting variance. When you uncover trophies, you begin got uncover multipliers. Your first six double the payout. Betting more means that your payout will likely be higher. Assuming you don't meet with a red card, that is.

Additional Features: The main aim of this game is to play all the way through till you hit the jackpot. However, in order to take home the jackpot, you'll have to uncover every trophy on the pitch. This means avoiding all six of those pesky red cards. If you'd rather not risk your entire payout in pursuit of the jackpot, you have the opportunity to cash out anytime after your first six picks. Then after each pick, the cash out button will flash, letting you know that you can take your funds and go.