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Boss the Lotto is a fun twist on instant games created by Gamevy. Unlike typical slots, it has a completely different format and incorporates a cool lottery theme. It’s a game that requires steady nerves. So, if you’ve got nerves of steel, you’ll love it! It’s time to wake up that tired old game routine and throw yourself into something completely new.

Will you be able to be the boss of this lotto?

Our Verdict: Playing slot games is entertaining, of that we can probably all agree. Otherwise, why would we be here? However, continuously playing games in the same format can get very boring. Other alternatives exist, such as scratch games but these are over too quickly and pose no real challenge. Boss the Lotto is different. Your aim is to pick six balls, without picking a black ball. After choosing six, you’ll be able to cash out. Pick a black ball and it’s game over. We always like a game that knows how to ramp up the tension and Boss the Lotto does just that.

Odds: The game takes place on a board. On this board are 49 balls, all designed to look like those that you see in a typical lottery. Of this 49, 43 are good and the remaining 6 are bad. What does this mean? Basically, you have a far higher chance of selecting one of the good numbers. However, after you’ve chosen your initial six and revealed your cash prize, you’ll have the option to continue. This is where things get a little more strained. Each time you choose another ball, you risk uncovering a black ball which could wipe out your entire reward. However, another good ball could add to it.

Placing a Bet: Placing a bet in this game is easy. It’s far easier than placing a bet on a regular slot. When the game opens, you’ll be asked how much that you wish to stake. Bets start from just £1 and can rise to £100 per game. How much you bet really depends on your budget. Whenever you select your first six good balls, your payout will double. From then on, your stake will continue to rise as you uncover more good numbers. So, the more you bet, the more you could possibly win. Just keep in mind the more you stake, the more you could also lose.

Additional Features: Playing Boss the Lotto is very straightforward. It’s not difficult to come to this game after playing slots. There is a £5,000,000 jackpot up for grabs. However, to claim this you will have to uncover all 43 good balls. We can only imagine how fraught an experience this would be! IF you want to get a taste of what the game is like before you stake your own funds, it is possible to play in demo mode. You’ll be able to stake fun money instead of real cash. The RTP of this game is 91%.