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BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand

NextGen Gaming has a brand new blackjack game on the market, and you can get started playing BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand today! Blackjack has always been a favourite game amongst players at brick and mortar casinos, and this has transcended to the online casino version of this game. If you have exhausted the standard game of blackjack and are looking to up the thrill of this game, then give BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand a try today, and you will feel as though you really are in Las Vegas playing this exciting game.

Our Verdict: Blackjack is one of the easiest casino games to play so if you are feeling nervous about giving BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand a try, don't be! This particular game of blackjack is similar to what you will find if you were to play at a casino in Monte Carlo, and so this is a fantastic alternative for those of you who cannot make it that far afield and want to enjoy a fun game of blackjack from the comfort of your own home. The customisable features of this game are vast and will allow you to create your ideal gaming experience. Get playing today to grab yourself a big cash win!

How to Play: BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand game utilises the standard 52 cards decks at the beginning of the game and follows the same basic rules that you will find in all other blackjack games which are to try and get a hand that is equal to or less than 21. Get closer to 21 than the dealer, and you will beat him, however, if you go over 21 you will go bust and lose the game. The dealer will have one face-up card, and they are allowed to stand on any 17. Players can split card of the same rank, but you can only do this once during a game.

Payouts and Betting: What we love about BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand is that this really is a game for everyone as it includes a huge betting range. No matter whether you want to bet 1p on your first game or a massive £10,000, you have the option to do both in this game or fall somewhere in-between. The RTP of this game is a massive 98%! Playing a single hand will get you a 3:2 payout while the standard is a 1:1 payout.

Additional Features: BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand is a very customisable game, and you can set the features to play exactly how you want them to. Players can choose the speed of their game from slow, normal or fast and adjust the audio to include some, none, or all of voice, music and sound options. Players can also decide on the colour of the table they would like to play on which is a pretty cool added extra and you can pick from green, red, blue, and purple. Players can access all of these customisable features from the spanner symbol in the bottom right-hand side of their screen.