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Birdz is an exciting slot game from Games Warehouse that will lots of fun cartoon birds sit on telephone lines and do their best to help you grab big cash wins. This game is bursting with bonus features that will keep you spinning for hours on end, and you can give it a spin today form just 30p up to £150!

Our Verdict: Birdz is a fun five reel, three row and thirty fixed payline slot game that will appeal to the masses. The bonus features in this game really are incredible and will keep you spinning for hours on end for the entertainment value plus the opportunity to bag huge cash wins! Check it out today to fly off with a big cash win!

Wild Symbol: For those who have not come across the wild symbol before, this symbol will replace every other symbol to create new winning combinations and big cash wins in your account! The wild symbol to watch out for is the egg, and it will replace all of the birds on the telephone lines which come in lots of different colours such as blue, black, green, orange, yellow, purple, red and brown.

Cascades: The Cascades is fun feature in the slot game Birdz that is sure to keep you entertained as you spin. For every winning combination that you get, the symbols that make up this winning combo are removed from the reels and are replaced by new symbols. This feature will carry on going until there are no new winning combinations to be formed.

Birdz Bonus Trail: The Birdz Bonus Trail is the big bonus feature in this game and what makes this game so incredibly fun to play. Each time you achieve a win, you will move up one place on the trail located to the side of your reels. Each position on the trail corresponds to one of six bonuses, and when you cannot achieve any more wins, you will stop at one of these bonuses, and this is the one you will be awarded.
Zap – A bolt of electricity will shock a line of your bird symbols, making them fall off and having to be replaced by new symbols
Shot Gun – One unlucky bird will burst into a pile of feathers, and a new bird symbol will take its place
Shot Gun 2 – Two unlucky birds will see the same fate this time
Pecking Order – Grab big wins when the low value symbols are removed and replaced with the high value symbols
Cracking Wilds – All symbols on your first three reels will transform into wilds
Scarecrow – the scarecrow will scare away all birds, and more birds will fly in to take their place

Bird Blitz: Players will nab themselves a guaranteed win when the Bird Blitz feature is randomly triggered and the birds swoop down across your reels.