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You'll never see poker or slot games the same after you have a go at Abracardabra by NYX Interactive. This great hybrid game takes all of the best aspects of both of these games and brings them together in this video slot. Don't expect to see the usual 5 or 6 reels that you see on the traditional online slot games although you might catch a glimpse of some of the traditional fruit machine symbols. Make sure to check out Abracadabra if you want to have a magical experience.

Our Verdict: Abracardabra is a great game that can only be described in one word – a hybrid. The game brings together great graphics and impressive bonus features that will help you to build your cash in no time. We like that you can recognise your favourite lucky sevens or cherry symbols while seeing your funds rack up. Betting in this game is relatively easy, and you can bet as low as 2p if you want to play it safe.

Design: This game is designed to look like a magic show with curtains and spotlight shining on your cards. The graphics look great, and the symbols stand out as they take up most of the screen. No space is wasted in this game, and you'll love how easy all of the features are to find. You'll see your balance, your bet and your win along the bottom, so there is no need to go searching for it like in other casino games. Make sure to enjoy the graphics of this video slot when you play as it is not often that the symbols on reels look as clear as this.

Abracardabra Bonus: If you manage to get your hands on the Abracardabra Bonus then you can enjoy a huge win. Watch out for three or more bonus cards if you want to trigger this bonus. When you do manage to get the bonus running, you'll receive a multiplier of your stake depending on how many cards you matched. From here, you can keep the bonus going and win even more until you get unlucky and need to return to the game.

Hold Feature: If you think that some of your cards might help you out in your next bet, make sure to take advantage of the hold feature. You can hold a few cards at the same time but remember to use it wisely. Keep cards that are matching in play to ensure that you get the best win that you can.

Mad Hat Bonus: The Mad Hat Bonus is a sort of magical little aid that comes along when you least expect it to. Although this bonus is random, you can enjoy the fact that it will replace all of your cards for new ones in order for you to win even more money. You won't always be lucky with this bonus, but it can really help you out when you need it most!