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Blackjack has long been a fan favourite casino game, and if you have ever played it before, then you will know that it is not hard to see why it is so beloved amongst players. This brand new game of Blackjack is brought to you by Iron Dog Studios and sets itself apart from the crowd with its awesome 3D design! Find out more about the amazing 3D Blackjack game from Iron Dog Studios below before you get started playing!

Our Verdict: With so many great games of Blackjack already on the market, it can be hard to bring out new and exciting releases that make sense in this crowded market. However, Iron Dog Studios have got it right with the fantastic 3D Blackjack game. This game brings all of the classic, exciting elements of Blackjack, but with a thrilling twist and players will love the amazing graphics on show. Don't miss out on the chance to play with minimum bets starting from just 50p and rising up to £200.

Design: What will make you want to choose this game of Blackjack over all the others on the market is its design. The design of this game is fantastic, and players will absolutely love the 3D element. You will watch as the 3D chips are stacked on your screen and each of them will represent a different value. There are three parts to the table where you can place your bets, and to the other side of the table, you will spot the dealer. You definitely won't be disappointed with the cool graphics featured in this Blackjack game as they are truly unique.

Insurance: For those who like to place high bets, you will be happy to hear that there is a brilliant insurance feature on offer in this game. In this feature, you will have to pay 0.5x on top of your initial bet but, if a Blackjack is secured by the dealer, then this feature will ensure that you still get a win.

Double: Another great feature in 3D Blackjack from Iron Dog Studios is the Double. With this feature you will be able to double your bet, allowing you to receive a far bigger payout if you win. Players who take this feature must take a new card to your hand, and if it does not make them go bust, then you will need to stand.

Splitting: The last feature that you may come across when you play Iron Dog Studios 3D Blackjack is the splitting feature. Here, you have the chance to double your stake and split your cards, but you won't be able to call Blackjack. To use this feature, you will need to be dealt two cards that are of the same value.